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Report Of CMP- JULY   2011-12

Common minimum programme for qualitative improvement of the primary education is getting desired attention by the school administration. The consolidated monthly report of various activities conducted during the month of July .

 Various activities of CCA, games and sports were organized successfully during the month. Maximum number of students participated in these activities with full enthusiasm. Details as follows-

1-    School Readiness Programme:-  Under School readiness programme various activities were performed. Children were taken out of the classroom to see library, office, CCA room, computer room, toilets etc to make them familiar with the school premises.

2-    “A Welcome Programme” was organized especially for the parents of the students of class I. Parents were informed and guided according to the system of teaching and evaluation in KVS so that teachers and parents can put their combined efforts for progress of the child.

3-    The nine periods time table is being followed which is addressing the needs of curriculum as guided in by NCF-2005.The time table is suitably modified by making provision for block periods and remedial teaching.

4-    The H.M. is drawing the allotted fund regularly, which is being utilised to prepare TLM. The expenditure towards TLM is verified and counter verified by the Principal. The fund is used to prepare worksheets, activity sheets and other helping materials.

5-    Hindi -English Calligraphy:-Hindi & English Calligraphy Competition was organized aiming to encourage children to write neatly and present the content in proper manner.

6.     Drawing and Painting : Keeping in view that creativity and imagination makes the prospective of children quite thoughtful, our school organized drawing and painting competition in which the young artists reflected their thoughts and imaginations.



7.     Activities: Learning becomes joyfull and easier with activities performed in the class. While teaching English, Hindi, Maths and EVS various activities were performed like making fruit salid, lime water. Paper folding and other craft activities were also performed. Glimeses are here:

8.     Competitions: English Poem recitation was organized in CCA Programmes to ensure holistic personality growth of children. It generated an environment of joyfulness and thoughtfulness.


The schedule decided for the month was successfully completed. This process made the teaching learning easier and interesting for the students as well as for the teachers. We are trying more and more to make the education child oriented and to develop constructive and creative skills among the students. Your guidance and suggestion for improvement and making our efforts more effective are always awaited. 

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